Royal Society of Chemistry
Bridging the knowledge gap

Use these quizzes to check your students’ understanding of some of the key ideas in GCSE Chemistry. The quizzes are short so they can quickly give you an idea of whether or not they have understood what they need to know.

These quizzes are adapted from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Bridging the knowledge gap quizzes, designed to support students in the transition from pre-16 to post-16 chemistry. The full set of quizzes contains a variety of question types, helpful hints, and detailed formative feedback, and is freely available to Learn Chemistry Partner (LCP) schools. Sign up today to gain full access to this comprehensive coverage of all the key ideas in GCSE Chemistry.

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Chemical formulae and equations
Calculations based on formulae
Calculations based on equations
Analysing solutions
Atomic structure
Periodic table
Energy changes and bonding
Kinetic theory and states of matter
Ionic and molecular structures
Covalent and metallic giant structures
Acids, alkalis and salts
Reversible reactions and equilibria
Factors affecting reaction rates (surface area and concentration)
Factors affecting reaction rates (temperature and catalysts)
Methods of separation and purification