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How Diagnostic Questions Works
Diagnostic Questions is a formative assessment platform designed to help teachers enhance the quality and relevance of their teaching, while simultaneously reducing their workload.
Teachers choose questions
Teachers choose and assign quizzes from a huge bank of carefully designed diagnostic questions.
Teachers choose questions
Students answer questions and provide explanations of their choices.
Teachers choose questions
These quizzes are automatically marked. The platform helps teachers pinpoint student misconceptions and the reasons why the student holds these misconceptions.
Teachers choose questions
Teachers tailor teaching to address misconceptions of individuals and groups.
Teachers choose questions
Data insight and feedback tools help teachers further understand and resolve student misconceptions at individual, class, year and school level.
Schools now using Diagnostic Questions
Growth since 1st Sept 2015
149 %
Teachers creating and sharing questions
Growth since 1st Sept 2015
443 %
8.5 Million
Answers and explanations provided by our community
Growth since 1st Sept 2015
786 %
We have helped more than 72323 Teachers
William Emeny
William Emeny
...the single greatest step forward in AFL in the maths classroom for years. I think it would be hard to find any better AFL strategy out there.
Colleen Young
Colleen Young
Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0
...good questions help us know more about our students’ learning and help us to address misconceptions. An outstanding new resource to help us do just that.
Mo Ladak
Mohammed Ladak
It really is the best of all of the online resources in my opinion - A real gem!
For teachers and students
Thousands of diagnostic questions & quizzes
Create your own questions and quizzes
Assign quizzes as homework
Analyse class and individual performance
Snapshot insights into student misconceptions
Review student explanations
For classroom teachers
Give personalized feedback to students and save hours writing in exercise books
Capture evidence of feedback and dialogue in one place (great for when Ofsted appear!)
Analyse class strengths and weaknesses
Review insights on student progress over time
For key stage coordinators and department heads
Analyse department level progress across entire year groups
Compare classes to quickly identify areas of strength and weakness
Compare classes and teachers to help inform CPD
Analyse class and individual performance
Generate detailed reports on year groups and classes
What Diagnostic Questions Provides
Questions & Quizzes
Thousands of free questions and quizzes created by teachers to tease out key misconceptions in Maths & Science
Exam Board Created
Thousands of free questions and quizzes created by all the main exam boards
Create & Assign
  • Create your own questions and quizzes
  • Assign quizzes as homework for automatic marking with insights
  • Run live class quizzes to identify where to focus
Subject Insights
Discover key misconceptions before you teach. The ultimate planning tool.
Feedback & Dialogue
  • Quickly give personalised feedback to students and set them follow-up work
  • Produce evidence of the dialogue between teacher and student
Assignment Insights
  • Instantly analyse class’ and individual performance on any assignment
  • Review student explanations for a deeper understanding of strengths, weaknesses and misconceptions
Class Teacher Insights
  • View progress over time for your class or individual students
  • Quickly identify key areas of strength and weakness to better inform your teaching
Departmental Insights
  • Analyse entire year groups
  • Compare classes and teachers to quickly find areas of strength and weakness to inform intervention and CPD
Assignment Reports
  • Generate a printable class overview of an assignment
  • Produce a personalised report for each student that can be printed out
Who Diagnostic Questions is For
Save time by using high quality diagnostic content combined with an automatic marking system to reveal actionable insights
Teach better by providing feedback and follow-up questions to resolve student misconceptions
Measure progress over time for classes and students
Subject Leads
Identify effective teaching strategies across departments and year groups
Produce reports on year groups and classes
Evidence progress over time for Ofsted or a departmental review
Learn from other students by reading their explanations
Construct revision plans targeting areas of weakness
Do homework anywhere on any device
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